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QUIET, smooth working, enduring. 
Stop and think how much Care- 
free Doors can mean in your home. 

In every home you've lived in you 
probably had at least one door that 
squeaked or sagged — that resisted all 
efforts to swing it. So you realize that 
the dozen or more doors in your new 
home are vitally important. They are 
the places where faults can be most 

That's why, when you build or re- 
model you're going to see to it that 
your doors move easily, smoothly — 
remembering that the nations carefree 
doors move on Stanley Hardware. 

For more than ninety years, The 
Stanley Works has manufactured de- 
pendable hardware. In those ninety 
years Stanley has learned much about 
how to build into its products that 
quality, finish and utility which is of 
interest to the home owner and builder. 

Your town has a Stanley Dealer. Go 
to him with you hardware problems, 
you will find his counsel invaluable in 
the selection of equipment for your 
new home.^ 

For Carefree Doors Use Stanley 


Garage Doors 

I U- 

(IB 4 

^TANLEY "Roll-Up" garage door 
equipment increases the attractive- 
ness of any garage. Its appeal lies in 
its simplicity of appearance. 

An easy pull will roll the door up- 
ward smoothly and quietly leaving the 
opening entirely clear. Two large coil 
springs do the work. 

'*Roll-Up" Doors are weathertight 
summer and winter. They operate 
smoothly and easily and are unaffected 
by snow or ice in the driveway. When 
closed the doors rest on the floor and 
will not warp or sag. 

A wide assortment of stock doors is 
available so that the garage door can 
be selected in a design to match the 
type of garage itself or in keeping with 
the style of doors used on the residence. 

The doors are made in four horizontal 
sections joined together by sturdy side 
hinges having ball bearing rollers which 
operate in the track on each side of the 
door opening. They are so carefully 
balanced that they will remain in any 
partly opened position. A rope is at- 
tached to the bottom of the door as a 
convenient means of pulling the door 
down to close it. 


^TMIE door is locked with a cylinder 
-*^ lock which may be masterkeyed 
with the house door so that one key 
opens both. 

Every working part of the ''Roll-Up" 
Door Equipment is inside the garage so 
that it is protected from the weather. 
As an added precaution, all metal parts 
are treated with a durable, protective 

The only requirement for the use of 
'*Roll-Up" Doors is a minimum clear- 
ance (or headroom) of 9}4'' from the 
underside of the top of the door casing 
to the ceiling of the garage. This is all 
the room that is needed to accommo- 
date the door when open. The door 
moves straight up so that it will operate 
in a garage no longer than the car itself. 

Stanley *'Roll-Up" Doors come com- 
plete, ready to install. The wide vari- 
ety of stock doors enables you to easily 
select a design to suit your taste with- 
out the added cost of specially designed 

''Roll-Up" Door Equipment is 
reasonably priced. Because the cost 
varies somewhat with different instal- 
lations we suggest that you get your 
hardware dealer to give you the cost of 
"Roll-Up" Doors for your garage. 


Garage Doors 



Garage Door Hardware 


STANLEY "Swing-Up" Hardware 
Equipment incorporates a new 
principle in door operation which is 
best explained by the term floating. 
A slight pull on the outside handle 
(until you feel pressure) is all that is 
needed — let go and the doors will 
float up to a full open position. From 
the inside all that is needed is an easy 
push with the foot at the bottom of 
the door. 

The adaptability of **Swing-Up" 
Hardware Equipment is best indicated 
by the fact that it can be applied to 
any pair of stock doors — either new 
ones or ones now in use. Because of 
this adaptability to old as well as new 
doors '*Swing-Up" Hardware has been 
widely used to correct the evils of 
doors that sag and bind. It is a simple 
matter to convert them into a tho- 
roughly up-to-date, smooth working 
door by the installation of this moderate 
priced equipment. 

The doors are fastened together with 
heavy bridge-truss braces at top and 
bottom on the inside and with, a rugged 
metal strip on the outside which serves 
as a weatherstrip. The doors are there- 
by made into one unit which operate 


on the pivot principle and are swung 
up into the open position by two heavy 
coil springs. A unique safety latch 
holds the doors securely in the open 
position and prevents accidental clos- 

A very important feature of Stanley 
''Swing-Up*' Hardware is that the 
garage need be no longer than the car. 
The door swings outward and upward. 

Steel plates along the side of the 
door on the inside serve as side stops 
and as effective weatherstrips. The 
'*Swing-Up" equipped door is weather 

In Stanley **Swing-Up" Hardware 
you get efficient, long-wearing garage 
door hardware equipment at a sur- 
prisingly reasonable price. Your hard- 
ware dealer will be glad to furnish you 
with this popular equipment. 

In the case of a two car garage 
**Swing-Up" Hardware makes it pos- 
sible to use the full width of the open- 
ing by handling the door as one com- 
plete unit. This eliminates the neces- 
sity of center posts. 




Garage Door Hardware 









T A N L E Y 

Electric Operator 

for "Roll-Up" and '^Swing-Up" 
Garage Doors No. E4131-D1 

Ride right into your garage 

PERHAPS you look upon an electric 
door operator as a luxury but when 
the driveway is ankle-deep in snow or 
slush it comes very near being a neces- 

Used in combination with Stanley 
^^Roll-Up" or "Swing-Up" Equipment 
this electric operator is a wonder. 
When you come home just insert your 
key in the switch located conveniently 
at the side of the driveway. The doors 
open easily and smoothly and you 
drive in. Inside the garage is another 
switch which is equally handy for 
closing the doors. Doors can be locked 
either from the inside or outside. 

Best of all the Stanley **Mighty 
Midget" is exceptionally low priced, 
far below what you would expect to 
pay for this type of convenience. It 
is comparable to any other electric 
appliance in that it can be plugged 
into any light socket. It is simple to 
install and there is nothing to get out 
of order. 

No. E4131-D1 is designed for use on 
"Roll-Up" and "Swing-Up" Doors of 
the standard 8' x 8* size or smaller. It 
is also available for "Swing-Up" doors 
16' X 8' (No. E4131-F1). For larger 
doors refer to No. E4131-A1 operator. 

Because of its low cost you can easily 
avail yourself of the convenience which 
the "Mighty Midget" affords. Your 
hardware dealer is in a position to 
supply the "Mighty Midget" Operator. 




No. E4131-A1 

^TMIE all-purpose Electric Door 
-*- operator. The standard operator 
is adapted for use on '*Roll-Up" and 
* 'Swing-Up" Doors up to 16 feet wide 
and swinging doors (hinged) up to 9' 
X 9'. In the case of any type of door 
not included above it is recommended 
that the door be equipped with * 'Swing- 
Up" Hardware after which the operator 
will work perfectly. 

No. E4131-A1 is a truly deluxe 
equipment. It functions perfectly and 
is offered with various up-to-date 
methods of control. For instance, the 
standard control is by means of Push 
Button, in which the opening or closing 
button is pressed and held until the 
door is either open or closed. Release 
of pressure on the button stops the 
door in any position, most important 
for safety. 

Three other ingenious and almost mys- 
terious methods of control are available. 

1. Photo-electric Control — when the car intercepts 
a beam of light the doors open, automatically. 

2. Photo-electric Control by auto headlights or 
spotlight. This is the cleverest one of all. When the 
headlights shine on a hidden photo-electric cell the 
doors open automatically. 

3. A Driveway Plate. This is like the automatic 
traffic signals you find at important street intersections. 
When the wheels pass over the plate the doors open 

With each type of control the doors are closed by 
inside or outside push button. 

This unique Stanley Electric Operator is the most 
outstanding automatic control for garage doors to be 
had. It has gone far to remove the inconveniences 
which everyone dislikes when entering or leaving the 
garage. Naturally this operator costs more than the 
"Mighty Midget" models but you will be surprised at 
its reasonableness. Again your hardware dealer can 
furnish details and prices to meet your individual needs. 



Garage Hardware 

p";"i' ;g s i yj^ ' w y «' 




n 11 






W§^^mm HiVHi 

FOLDING Sliding doors often solve 
the problem of what doors to use 
when it is impossible to provide more 
modern equipment. This "Under - 
Soffit" Hardware Equipment also meets 
the requirement for swinging doors in 
limited drive way space. 

Because the track is fastened directly 
to the underside of the top of the door 
casing (soffit) it is protected from the 
weather. The design of the track is 
such that the doors can be opened 
either in or out. No track could be 
easier to install than this one. 

''Under-Soffit" Hardware Equip- 
ment can be used on openings with 
three, four, five or six doors. The doors 
in each case must be equal in width. 

If you prefer folding sliding doors be 
sure to get your hardware dealer to 
show you the particular advantages of 
this "Under-Soffit" Hardware Equip- 


T^OR the person who prefers swing- 
-^ ing doors with attractive hinges 
and whose garage location permits 
their use Stanley recommends these 
two types of equipment. Several other 
sets of- swinging door equipment are 
available to meet every condition of 
appearance and price. 

Set No. 1780^ includes three pairs 
of beautiful 32'' ball bearing hinges of 
Colonial design which add greatly to 
the dress of the building on which ap- 
plied. Doors are fastened by the unique 
Stanley Kee Bolt which both latches 
and locks the doors top and bottom. 
Convenient Door Holders (No. 1793, 
see next page) hold the doors securely 
in open position. 

Set No. 1781>^ includes two pairs of 
24'^ and one pair of 18" ball bearing 
hinges of Colonial design. A Stanley 
Kee Bolt latches and locks the doors 
securely at top and bottom. The 
unique Stanley Door Holder No. 1790 
makes it possible to operate both doors 
together and to hold them open se- 
curely against the wind. This holder is 
especially suitable for application to 
curved-top doors, like illustrations on 
this page. 

Sets No, 1780>^ and 1781>^ are readi- 
ly available from your hardware dealer 
as are all Stanley Swinging Door Hard- 
ware Sets, 




Garage Door Hardware 

Set 1780>^ 



Garage Door Holders 





As pioneers in the manufacture of Garage 
Door Holders, Stanley has saved hundreds of 
thousands of garage doors from being smashed 
by heavy winds to say nothing of automobile 
bodies, fenders and headlights which would be 
broken and dented by the accidental slamming 
of a door. 

There are four different Stanley Door 
Holders all of which operate on the same 
general principle. Most of them are stock 
items with your hardware dealer, and if not, 
he can get them for you promptly. 


Operates both doors at the same time. Doors can be 
easily opened or dosed and because the doors operate 
together the wind pressure is equalized so that there can 
be no accidental opening or closing of the doors. Ideal 
for curved top doors as it can be applied without the use 
of a block under the header. 


Friction Type. An effective friction device checks 
the momentum of the door as it reaches the full open 
position, relieving shock on the door, jamb and hinges. 
Released by a slight pull on the chain. 


A practical, inexpensive holder, 
by a slight pull on the chain. 

The bar is released 


The most popular garage door holder made. Strong 
U-shaped bar, extra heavy bumper plate, released by a 
slight pull on the chain. 


For use on residential garage doors, there is 
nothing finer than these extra heavy ball 
bearing hinges, made of wrought steel, 
toughened and hardened by cold rolling. 

Not only are these hinges practical, but 
they add to the attractiveness of any hinged 
door garage. 

Nos. BB 1461, BB 1461>^, BB 1462 and 
BB 1462 }4 have hand -hammered edges and 
ends, and are treated with a rust -resisting 
base before final finishing. 


Ball Bearing Garage Hinges 

Extra Heavy 





Closet Hardware 


Stanley Adjustable Closet Bar 



Stanley Garment Carrier 




Stanley Garment Hook 


Everyone wants tidy closets, where every- 
thing is easy to get at. Double the capacity of 
your closets for the orderly storage of your 
garments. Here are shown a number of real 
closet conveniences, designed to make your 
closets the envy of the neighborhood. All 
items are finished in a satin-smooth dull 
Cadmium finish, attractive in appearance 
and rust-resisting. 

Your hardware dealer will gladly show you 
this line. 

Adjustable Closet Bars 

For hanging clothes on hangers. Three sizes — 18" 
adjustable to 30", 30'' adjustable to 48", and 48" ad- 
justable to 78". Easily applied and very sturdy — a 
real **life-saver" for dresses, coats and suits. Can be 
had in either steel or brass. 

Garment Carrier 

The carrier is applied under the shelf, and operates 
smoothly and noiselessly. A pull brings the rod carry- 
ing the hangers out into the light, permitting easy 
selection of garments. Holds a dozen or more garments 
without undue crowding. 

Garment Hook 

The garment hook is recommended for closets where 
a closet bar or garment carrier cannot be used. Also 
handy for application on doors. Very strong, and 
capable of carrying a half dozen or more garments. 


Adjustable Shoe Rack 

An absolute necessity for tidy closets. Keeps shoes 
off the floor, always in pairs and in neat, orderly ar- 
rangement. The rack is adjustable from 19" to 31", 
and can be applied to either door, wall or baseboard. 
Holds shoes of all types. 

Pull-Down Hat Holder 

A novel yet practical addition to all closets. Made in 
two styles, for application to wall or door, or to edge 
of shelf. Allows hat to be placed up out of the way, 
while an easy pull on the cord brings arm down within 
reach. The round top keeps hat in perfect shape and 
roughened surface prevents slipping. 

Hat Holder **Sure Grip" 

This inexpensive holder will hold hats against a wall 
or in your car. The projecting parts are rounded, 
making it impossible to catch clothing. 



Closet Hardware 

Triples Your Space 

; ! 



Adjustable Shoe Rack 




Hat Holder Etc. 


Screen Door Hardware 

Set 1750 

Full Surface 


Wrought Brass 

Stanley Screen Hardware includes many 
items which contribute greatly to the comfort 
and convenience of the home. Unfortunately, 
most home owners are unfamiliar with screen 
hardware, and consequently are at a loss as to 
the proper selection. Here are shown a few 
suggestions in screen equipment. Your hard- 
ware dealer will cheerfully show you these and 
other types. 

Screen Door Set 

This set includes the complete equipment for a screen 
door. The loose pin hinges permit various applications 
to suit conditions. The heavy spring insures door will 
always close snugly. A hook and eye securely locks the 
door, while the well formed pull makes it easy to open 
the door from the outside. 

Screen Door Hinges 


Here is the best in wrought steel and wrought brass 
screen door hinges. You can regulate a door equipped 
with these hinges to close quickly or slowly by simply 
adjusting the springs. 

These hinges are especially designed for use on com- 
bination screen and storm doors as the tension can be 
released when glass storm door panel is in place to 
use as ordinary hinges. 


This loose pin hinge made of wrought brass or bronze 
makes a durable hinge for medium weight screen doors. 


Screen Hangers 

For hanging full length screens. The hangers are 
easily applied, and permit hanging the screens from 
mside the home. No. 1724 is made for screens which 
fit flush with the casing. Can be had in either brass 
or steel. There are many other types which your 
hardware dealer carries, covering conditions where 
screens are hung outside the casing, or those set in a 

Screen Braces 

Designed to reinforce window screens and screen 
doors. They are easily applied and will effectually pro- 
long the life of the screen. Afford an easy means for 
building screens at home. 

Snappy Catch 

A handy, easily applied catch for full length or half 
length screens. Can be applied at the bottom or side 
of the Screen. The cam action pulls the screen snugly 
against the stops. 

Screen Couplings 

These handy couplings make it easy for the home 
owner to have a screened-in porch. Sectional screens 
are securely fastened together, and are easily taken 
down for storing when desired. The screws are driven 
into the screens and the couplings driven down over 
the screws, virtually locking the sections into a unit. 

Screen Lift 

465 attractive screen Hft is especially designed for 
sliding screens. It has a comfortable grip, strongly 

Door Pull 

477 door pull makes your screen door easy to open. 
You will appreciate its comfortable, rounded smooth 

Screen Door Catch 

For holding screen doors shut. The door in closing 
strikes an inside rubber roller, which acts as a trigger 
setting off the spring. The outer rubber roller catches 
the door, closes it and holds it shut. Prevents warping 
of doors and corrects a warped condition. 

Screen Door Guard 

Almost a necessity where there are children in the 
home. Three guards mounted on a door not only pro- 
tect the wire cloth but also reinforce the door. They 
also serve as a push bar in opening the door. Adjustable 
for doors of various widths. 



Screen Hardware 

Screen Hanger 


Corner Brace 






Screen Lift 

Door Pull 

465-465 M 

Screen Door Catch 


Screen Door Guard 



1737 Applied 


Storm Sash Hardw^are 






Storm Sash Fasteners 


rr^tH rr ^ !^.V"J'^^ 

"'''T — '■?'■■■"' 'T"i'""!;r"' 







Seal your house against the cold with 
storm sash. There is no cheaper way to lower 
heating cost and to insure warm comfort. 
The dead air space between storm sash and 
regular window sash makes a perfect insulator 
against the cold. Storm sash equipped with 
Stanley Hardware is easily applied, removed 
and operated. 

Storm Sash Hangers 

There is a Stanley hanger for every type of con- 
struction, whether the sash is set in a reveal, hung 
flush with the casing or hung outside the casing. 1716 
is the most popular for storm sash hung flush. The 
hangers are easily applied and permit hanging or re- 
moving the sash from inside the house. 

Storm Sash Fasteners 

Fasteners serve to hold the sash open for ventilation, 
and when closed to lock the sash securely in place. 
Easy to apply and non-rattling. When sash is re- 
moved, the arm is left attached to the sash, so that 
re-hanging is very simple. 



This fastener permits the sash to be opened to various 
degrees, a turn of the wing nut securely holding it in 
the desired position. The tightening of the wing nut 
also prevents either sash or fastener from rattling, and 
when sash is closed securely locks it in place. Suitable 
for all types of storm sash. 


Cellar Window Hardware 

The set illustrated includes a pair of friction hinges, 
which hold the window open at any angle — a real 
convenience. The friction can be easily adjusted to 
suit requirements. The cam action catch locks the 
window securely. Enables you to control the amount 
of air coming in. 

Double Acting Floor 
Spring Hinges Ball Bearing 

Indispensable for the connecting door between 
kitchen and dining room or butler's pantry. 

Door Bolts 

Stanley offers every type of flush, barrel, surface 
and cremone bolts for use on interior doors. 

Door Holders 

A convenient method of holding doors open. Holds 
on any kind of floor — wood, tile, linoleum, concrete. 



Miscellaneous Hardware 

Cellar Window Set 

Double Acting Floor Spring Hinges 
Ball Bearing 

Door Bolts 






Door Holders 




Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 

For Lipped Doors 

1565 Wrought Steel 
15653^ Wrought Brass 

1520 Wrought Steel 
1520H Wrought Brass 


1518 Wrought Steel 
1518H Wrought Brass 


For Flush Doors 

1299 Wrought Steel 

12993^ Wrought Brass 

For Lipped Doors 
1299M Wrought Steel 
1299M Wrought Brass 

Right Hand 
For Flush Doors 
1298 Cast Brass 

Right Hand 
For Lipped Doors 
1298M Cast Brass 

The modern kitchen demands bright, at- 
tractively designed hardware on its cabinets. 
The few items shown here were designed to 
please the proud house owner of today. Your 
hardware dealer will gladly show you a com- 
plete line of Stanley Kitchen Cabinet 

Cabinet Hinges 

These attractive hinges may be obtained in either 
wrought steel, plated or in brass, finely finished. In- 
asmuch as your cabinet doors receive the most frequent 
use of any doors in your house (with the exception of 
your exterior doors), Stanley has constructed these 
hinges to withstand this wear and tear. 


Probably the most annoying conditions in a modern 
kitchen are to have the cabinet doors springing open, 
leaving sharp corners to bump into. 

Every one of these latches, fasten securely, keeping 
cabinet doors closed tightly. 1299 has the reversible 


Wrought Bronze Metal 

Ball Bearing Butt Hinges 

BB 180 

The logical' choice for exterior doors. The bronze 
metal is immune to weather attack and the ball bear- 
ings insure a smooth, quiet operating door. 

Wrought Steel Ball Bearing 

Butt Hinges 

BB 241 

A good practical butt hinge for interior doors where 
the advantages of ball bearing operations are desired. 

Wrought Steel Butt Hinges 

Millions of doors the world over are swinging on 
Stanley 241 Butt Hinges. 

Wrought Steel Butt Hinges 

If you wish to paint your butt hinges to match your 
woodwork, here is a butt with the leaves milled back. 
Regularly furnished with a button tip. 

Cabinet Butts 

Stanley makes butt hinges of every size and width 
for cabinets, cupboards, bookcases and closet doors. 




Wrought Bronze Metal 

Ball Bearing Butt Hinges 






Wrought Steel Butt 




Cabinet Butts 

L i 





Wrought Steel Ball Bearing 

Butt Hinges 





Wrought Steel Butt Hinges 



Cabinet Butts 


Wrought Iron Hardware 




Wrought Iron Hardware is a popular line 
today. In your home you may wish to equip 
it throughout with wrought iron hardware or 
possibly in only one or two rooms. Whichever 
way be the case, Stanley offers you a wide 
selection from which to choose. 

Cupboard Butt 

An attractive butt for a cupboard is this 276 which 
is furnished with button tips but can be furnished with 
brass steeple tips. 

Interior Door Butt 

For interior medium weight doors, 246 with plain 
bearing or BB 246 with ball bearing offers an attractive 
butt. The finish is applied over a special rust-resisting 
base. If you prefer steeple tips to the button tips, 
you may have them. 

Exterior Door Butt 

For use together with a hinge strap on your exterior 
doors, 248 will lend added beauty to your doors. It 
is suitable for use with practically all types of wrought 
iron hardware. 


Cabinet Latches 8b Hinges 

A beautiful combination for cabinets is this 277 
hinge and the 112434 latch with a brass knob or the 
1124,^2 with a steel knob. 


Wrought Iron Hardware 

Cabinet Latches 

Cabinet Hinge 

Surface Bolt 

This surface bolt designed for use on French doors, 
casement windows, cupboards, and bookcases offers 
not only an attractive piece of hardware, but it is also 
extremely practical. A concealed spring holds the bolt 
under tension, making it possible to use this bolt 
vertically or horizontally. 

H & HL Hinges 

857 3<4 and 858 J^ are for use on flush fitting doors or 
cupboard doors. The complete design follows the pro- 
portions of the original patterns. 85734 and 858M 
are hand hammered and 857 and 858 are plain. 


Surface Bolt 


H and HL Hinges and Plates 

Hinge Plates 

HP 857M and HP 858^ hinge plates are for use on 
doors equipped with butt hinges having button tips. 
HP 857K and HP 85834 are hand hammered and 
HP 857 and HP 858 are plain. 










Shutter Hardware 

Blind Hinge 

RH Top or 

LH Bottom 



Blind Set 



Blind Hold Back 

Blind Hinge 

If your blinds are to hang flush with the casing, 
1640 offers a superior blind hinge for frame construction. 
If for brick construction, select 1644. 

Blind Set 

A practical, complete Blind Set will be found in 
1640 X 1680 which consists of two pairs of hinges, and 
two complete fasteners, equipment for one pair of 



Blind Hinge 

Blind Hold Back 

1685 is an attractive Blind Hold Back, **S*' pattern 
which will hold blinds open on frame, brick or stucco 
construction. This can be furnished with a non- 
rattling device. 

Blind Hinge 

948 is an ornamental and practical Blind Hinge for 
blinds hung flush with the casings. For those prefer- 
ing round ends, they may be obtained under 949. 


Clothesline Hardware 

A quality 7" pulley equipped with a locking device 
to hold the line stationary when carrying clothes. A 
specially designed bearing insures easy and noiseless 
turning of the wheel. It requires no oiling. 

For those who prefer an open type pulley, inex- 
pensive but practical, this will surely satisfy. 


A sturdy S" pulley, made of two sections securely 
welded together. The deep groove and wide rope 
guides prevent the line from jumping or jamming. 
A brass bushing on the axle insures easy and noiseless 
turning of the wheel. 


Clothesline Hardware 





A 5" pulley having a brass bushing on the axle in- 
suring easy turning and long wear. The bail is securely 
riveted to the frame. 


The line Support prevents clothes lines from sagging 
and also helps to keep them from tangling. It is easily 
applied by slipping the line through one side of the 


The "Pul-Tite" Line Clamp eliminates the dif- 
ficulty in untying knots when taking up slack in a 
clothes line. One end of the line is tied to the bail, the 
other fed through the clamp. An easy pull on the loose 
end of the rope takes up the slack. 





Line Support 




Line Clamp 




i\ ' ;■